• Revolution in sports testing and working with data.

    WE TEST.

    Thanks to our mobile units all testing procedures take place in our customers' facilities.
  • Revolution in sports testing and working with data.


    Obtained data goes through detailed analytics process so our
    customers get visual and practical outcomes.
  • Revolution in sports testing and working with data.


    Our professional team makes sure all our customers understand the outcomes,
    they are able to work with them and use them to get better. We offer many educational
    programs through keynotes, online seminars or individual consultations.

Why choose Athletix


Our mission is to maximize individual and team performance through regular testing and data analytics.


We use the most modern and professional equipment for sports performance testing, which is thanks to our mobile units delivered to our customers' facilities. All testing procedures then take place in our customers' "backyard" so they don't have to travel anywhere. Our customers' get visually processed, analyzed and practically useful data they can use to maximize sports performance and develop physiological attributes. After this process we provide our customers with unlimited options of cooperation with our experts in educational and coaching programs focused on performance training, nutrition coaching and much more.

Effective Training Process

Data helps you maximize the effectivenss of training process.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Regular testing uncovers "Windows of opportunities" and helps maximize athletes' potentials.


Unlimited options of educational programs, keynotes, individual consultations or coaching sessions.

Regular Monitoring

Continuous and regular cooperation is our path to success.

Service Flexibility

Our work is specific to our customers' individual needs and requirements.

No Traveling

You don't have to travel anywhere. We will come to you.

Our Team

We are professional team of experts with many years of experience from sports, business and connection of both. Every member of Athletix team specializes on individual part of the process that later on makes extraordinary and one of a kind final product.


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